[ECOS] Re: dbood.bin for STM3210e-Eval

John Dallaway john@dallaway.org.uk
Fri Sep 18 12:26:00 GMT 2009

Ilija Stanislevik wrote:

> John Dallaway wrote:
>> If they are plain text files, feel free to post them to this list. We
>> can then decide if they should be put on the eCos website. If they are
>> in some other format, please advise.
> The files are in OpenOffice text format (.odt). They can easily be
> transformed into .pdf. Transforming them into plain text would require
> some effort to get rid of the formatting while keeping readability.

Could you mail the .odt files to me off-list? I will then circulate them
among the maintainers.

John Dallaway

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