[ECOS] Re: eCos VCS switch

Sergei Organov osv@javad.com
Fri Sep 18 10:41:00 GMT 2009

Jonathan Larmour <jifl@jifvik.org> writes:

> Alex Schuilenburg wrote:
>>>A switch of the public CVS repository to Mercurial would be a major
>> Agreed.  My initial findings are also that mercurial is the preferred
>> solution.  It is not as powerful as git, or even as fast,
> By "more powerful", do you mean git allows you to do anything of
> significance that hg/bzr doesn't? I didn't think there was from my own
> checking, but I'm prepared to be corrected.

git rebase

is my favorite and is very handy to maintain changes w.r.t official
repository to be then contributed back. BTW, rebasing is what CVS
actually does with your local changes when you do 'cvs update'. Except
git rebase is much more safe and convenient. I can't tell if hg or bzr
already have something similar though as they seem to borrow features
from each other rather quickly.

My personal order of preference is: git, hg, bzr. But once again, the
differences between those 3 are minor compared to advantages any of them
has compared to CVS ;-)

-- Sergei.

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