[ECOS] Re: Re[ECOS] dbood.bin for STM3210e-Eval

Ilija Stanislevik ilijas@siva.com.mk
Fri Sep 18 07:58:00 GMT 2009

smolugu wrote:
> Hi ,
> I am trying to load redboot.bin to STM32 flash through
> FlashLoaderdemonstrator.exe but I am using Linux PC as host, I tried
> wine(tools supports to run windows application on linux) but I am getting
> problem with that tool.
> 1) Is there Linux version FlashLoaddemonstrator is available?
> 2)If not are there any other ways through which I can download to
> flash?Please suggest me,If you have some idea.

We have a how-to describing what you need. I have sent it to your email.

We also have some other how-tos about building and loading eCos for
STM3210E evaluation board. We are willing to make these how-tos
available to the community. Can anyone suggest a suitable place on the
web where we could place these how-tos?

Ilija Stanislevik

SIvA doo
ul. Zejnel Ajdini 5
MK-1060 Skopje

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