[ECOS] Switching to using git on eCosForge

Patrick Doyle wpdster@gmail.com
Thu Sep 17 13:10:00 GMT 2009

It has been quite some time since I was last doing any eCos
development work (although I have lurked here ever since).  Since that
time I have started using git and have felt that, when next I rejoin
the eCos development community, I was going to investigate using git
with eCos.

What happened previously was that we would grab an eCos snapshot of
some vintage, develop the HAL for our custom board, and somewhat
sporadically resync to the main development tree.  I'm nowhere close
to being a git expert, but from what I've seen, this should be made
much simpler with git than it ever was with SVN.

I don't have any experience with bazaar or mecurial, but if they
support the ease of forking and resyncing branches that git supports,
then I imagine I could learn to be happy with one of those.

Your comments about the support/lack of support/ for Windows is
compelling, as I have also worked in an environment where I was the
lone Linux guy in a sea (ok, a puddle) of Windows users.  I'm
perfectly happy typing obscure strings of characters on a command
line, but have seen that I am in a minority there.

Don't know if this helps, but it's my .02 on the matter.


Alex -- I apologize if you've gotten this twice -- gmail, qmail, and I
are not communicating well this morning :-)

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