[ECOS]problem with recent port of lwip

Simon Kallweit simon.kallweit@intefo.ch
Thu Sep 17 11:48:00 GMT 2009

Bob Brusa wrote:
> Am 17.09.2009, 09:51 Uhr, schrieb Simon Kallweit 
> <simon.kallweit@intefo.ch>:
>> Well, if you have configured the Sequential mode, I guess this is a 
>> problem with the indexer of eclipse. Eclipse seems to not have found 
>> the CYGIMP_LWIP_MODE_Sequential. I've had similar problems.
>> The way I currently work inside eclipse is to create a C/C++ project 
>> using the 'build' directory as the projectss main directory (the 
>> directory where you run ecosconfig).
> Do you mean "as workspace"?

Create a new 'C Project' and select 'Makefile Project' -> 'Empty 
Project'. Specify a project name and as the 'Location' use the build 
directory where you have your ecos source tree.

>> Then I add the ecos repository as a
>> linked folder (I usually directly add the packages folder, as this is
> There are several ways of doing this. What is the method of your choice?
> I understand your link in "path2ECOSroot"/packages ?

Exactly. Right click on the project you just created in the 'Project 
Explorer' on the left. Then select 'New' -> 'Folder'. Enter a 'Folder 
name' like 'ecos' and click the 'Advanced >>' button then select the 
path of your ecos repository (or it's packages subfolder).

This is just the way I use eclipse with my eCos projects. I have my 
sources split up in multiple ecos repositories, which I all add as 
linked folders. Only drawback is that I you cannot use version control 
on these folders. But I'm used to do this on the console anyway. Maybe 
there are better ways of doing this?!?


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