[ECOS]problem with recent port of lwip

Bob Brusa bob.brusa@gmail.com
Thu Sep 17 07:26:00 GMT 2009

I downloaded Simons recent port of lwip from   
http://download.westlicht.ch/lwip-20090722.tar.gz as indicated in his post  
of 29.07.09. I added it to my local ecos repository and was able to  
generate a library including this new port. Then I moved on and wanted to  
run the tcpecho.c - test. When looking at the tcpecho.c source (with  
eclipse) most of the source is disabled, because  
CYGIMP_LWIP_MODE_Sequential is undefined. I found it is defined in the  
library file net_lwip.h, but eclipse tells me (using eclipse include  
browser) that indeed, net_lwip.h is nowhere included by tcpecho.c.

Clearly, my next step will be to include net_lwip.h - but where? In lwip.h  
and regenerate the library? I also doubt that Simon did not run this test.  
So the problem is possibly a problem of my configuration????? But which? I  
set the value of CYGIMP_LWIP_MODE to Sequential in configtool. (My system:  
HW is custom built at91sam7x-board, toolchain is GNUARM on windows xp. )  
Configuration: See attached ecm-file.

Does anyone have a helpful comment on this? Thanks and best regards.
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