[ECOS] Re: Devfs ioctl's

Grant Edwards grant.b.edwards@gmail.com
Tue Sep 15 15:58:00 GMT 2009

On 2009-09-15, Green, Neal <Neal.Green@PERKINELMER.COM> wrote:

> This is my first post to this list so I hope I did it right.

Well, since you asked, not quite.  You "hijacked" a thread by
replying to a posting and changing the subject.  The problem
with that is that your post shows up as part of the thread to
which you replied.  If somebody has decided they're not
interested in that thread and killed it, then they won't see
your posting even though it has nothing to do with the killed
thread to which you posted it.

IOW, changing the subject doesn't start a new thread.  To start
a new thread, send a "fresh" e-mail to the list (rather than
replying to a message in an existing thread).

> I'm porting a driver to eCos but the io subsystem doesn't
> provide ioctl. We don't want to have to change all of our
> ioctl calls in our applicatons.  I see that other drivers have
> ioctl functions - what's the correct way to handle this
> situation?

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