[ECOS] Re: Mount a FAT partition

Alessio Bianchi venator85@gmail.com
Mon Sep 14 09:11:00 GMT 2009

Anyone? :)

2009/9/9 Alessio Bianchi <venator85@gmail.com>:
> Hi, I'd want to mount the only partition from a pen drive formatted in FAT.
> My intent is to run a web server (as athttpd) from the pendrive attached to
> a regular i386 PC and serve the files located on it. I have a few questions:
> - does eCos support USB mass storage devices?
> - which packages should I add to do this?
> I managed to configure the network and have the httpd serve hard-coded
> pages. I added the packages:
> and used the mount command like this:
>  x = mount("/dev/idedisk0/0" , "/", "fatfs:sync=write");
> or
>  x = mount("/dev/hda1" , "/", "fatfs:sync=write");
> or
>  x = mount("/dev/hda0/1" , "/", "fatfs:sync=write");
> but I don't know exactly the syntax of devnames as mount returns -1.
> I also tried to analyze the IDE debug infos but I don't have a serial port
> available and I can only see on my PC screen the last portion of the
> messages, which were not helpful. Does anyone at least know how to scroll up
> (shift+PageUp doesn't work)?
> Thank you very much
> Bye
> Alessio

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