[ECOS] Help -- Creating a FAT Filesystem on a NOR Flash Device

Ramgopal Kota rkota@broadcom.com
Wed Sep 9 15:35:00 GMT 2009


I am new to ecos development .. Please bear with me if these are very novice questions...

I am working on a MIPS Malta board with 16MB NOR Flash device.
I want to create a FAT Filesystem of 2MB size from an offset.

I pulled in the required packages for FAT FS and IO.
I created a device /dev/flash2 in the cdl file.

When I am doing a mount from my ecos application using ..
err = mount( "/dev/flash2/", "/", "fatfs" );
I am getting err as -1 ...

Do I have to use synthetic linux driver for this purpose as shown in the readme ? 
Currently flash is empty how to create a FATFS header so that mount will recognise ?
Is there a way to detect a FATFS at that device ? If it is not there can I create one all using application.

Ramgopal Kota
                cdl_component CYGDAT_IO_FLASH_BLOCK_DEVICE_NAME_2 {
                display       "Name of flash device 1 block device"
                flavor        data
                default_value { "\"/dev/flash2\"" }

            cdl_option CYGNUM_IO_FLASH_BLOCK_OFFSET_2 {
                display         "Start offset from flash base"
                flavor          data
                default_value   0x220000
                description     "
                    This gives the offset from the base of flash which this
                    block device corresponds to."
            cdl_option CYGNUM_IO_FLASH_BLOCK_LENGTH_2 {
                display         "Length"
                flavor          data
                default_value   0x200000
                description     "
                    This gives the length of the region of flash given over
                    to this block device."

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