[ECOS] CPULoad on i386

Jim Bradleigh jim.bradleigh1@btinternet.com
Fri Sep 4 10:11:00 GMT 2009


I`ve been trying to get an idea of my applications performance (was < 10% on windows machine) and have been running into problems with the cpuload feature.

cyg_cpuload_get returns zero for all the fields and I`ve debugged into the code and fouind the calibration value is (around) 0x64.

Shouldn`t the high priroty idle thread run more than ~100 times during 100ms? I would expect a massive figure here..(also 100 times in 100 ms sounds a bit like I executed per ms)

I`ve tried this with both my custom repository and a default "i386 with 8139" repository and the results are the same. I`ve removed network cards, ensured a single process CPU (AMD Sempron 2800+) without power managament is used and call the functions at the very start of main() 

Anyone got any ideas? 


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