[ECOS] Resetting/cracking Redboot password?

Sean Harlow sean@seanharlow.info
Wed Sep 2 13:45:00 GMT 2009

I have a router using Redboot to boot Linux on an IXP425 platform  
(Edgewater Edgemarc 4500) which has suffered a power failure during  
flashing.  The device gets through the bootloader stage and only fails  
once the Linux portion has taken over, so I'd like to do what I've  
done on older models of this device and simply reflash it over a  
serial connection.  Unfortunately, Edgewater has at some point enabled  
a bootloader password in one of the firmware updates, so I can not get  
any further than the password prompt after pressing ^C to stop the boot.

Is there any way I can either disable or crack this password to be  
able to recover my device?

Sean Harlow

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