[ECOS] FIS manipulation from an application?

Stanislav Meduna stano@meduna.org
Wed Sep 2 12:29:00 GMT 2009

Sergei Gavrikov wrote:

> They talk
> http://ecos.sourceware.org/docs-latest/ref/hal-calling-if.html that
> you can access to Redboot config options via VV calls (if you need it).

Thanks, I'll look into the possibilities.

> 2 cents: and what's about JFFS partition on FIS? Any data on JFFS will
> be accessible from the both sides: Redboot and your application (all
> is files).

I am trying to avoid the jffs2 as a prerequisite to run this
code. I had quite a few troubles with it, sometimes manifesting
as hang when mounting (debugging showed mount code going in loops
over the same data), sometimes as thread crashing leaving
the fs locked.

I traced the corruption to some problem in interrupt handling
in my SPI code (right now I am running it polled until I'll find
the time to investigate), but if a data corruption can cause
an indefinite loop, I prefer to stay away from a filesystem
or at least have a way to reformat it first.


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