[ECOS] IPv6 Neighbor Cache Get/ Neighbor Entry Configuration query on eCos free bsd tcp/ip

Sowjanya Pendyala sowjanya@broadcom.com
Tue Sep 1 11:02:00 GMT 2009

Hi All,

 I am implementing the following IPv6 related features on Free BSD TCP/IP Stack on ecos 2.0.

  1) Get all the IPv6 Neighbor entries learned on the Network Port.

  2) Add /Remove the Neighbor entry Statically into the neighbor cache.

  3) Flush the neighbor cache learned dynamically.

I am seeing that no corresponding IOCTL options exist for achieving the above.  Do I need to add the new IOCTL option for them ?

Even I don't see any "route socket" option which will do this. Is there any?

I am seeing that  (Linux/Vxworks) other tcp/ip stacks  use the netlink socket options to acheive the above.

Can someone please suggest  me how can I achieve these with  Free BSD Stack on eCos 2.0 ?


Best Regards,

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