[ECOS] Ethernet traffic causing loss of bytes on UART

Alex Lindeijer Alex.L@3D-Perception.com
Tue Sep 1 06:24:00 GMT 2009

We are running a serial port on 38400 baud and are seeing loss of Rx
bytes. When unplugging the ethernet cable we have no problems.
We are using a MPC8541, it has a PC16550D programming model for the
UART. I see that the driver uses the FIFO and reads until the FIFO is
The Ethernet driver is a tsec driver .
We encountered similar problems when writing to flash. We got some
verification/write errors with Ethernet traffic going. In that case we
masked the interrupts while writing to flash. But we don't want to do
that when receiving bytes on the serial port of course.

Has anybody else encounter such problems? Any hints in were to look? We
have been looking into this now for some time and are getting a bit

Alex Lindeijer

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