[ECOS] RedBoot loading eCOS examples causes PC reboot

peter_lanius@yahoo.com.au peter_lanius@yahoo.com.au
Tue Oct 27 06:11:00 GMT 2009

On 2009-10-24, peter_lanius@yahoo.com.au <peter_lanius@yahoo.com.au> wrote:

>> I then use Hyperterminal to send the SREC file via Ymodem.
>> This process seems to run ok until it is finished, when the
>> suddenly PC reboots. That happens every time. No other
>> applications are open. The board is connected via a
>> USB-to-Serial cable and the Olimex JTAG ARM_USB_OCD is also
>> connected, but OpenOCD/GDB is not running.
>> I have tried it with the ELF file as well, same result. 
>> What am I doing wrong

> You're using Windows.

>> and why does the PC reboot?

> You're using Windows.  

> 1/2 ;)

> Seriously, it's a Windows problem.  Probably a bug in one of
> the of the USB-serial drivers (either the one for the
> ARM_USB_OCD adapter or the one for the USB-serial cable).  Try
> it without the ARM_USB_OCD plugged in.  Try it with a different
> USB-serial cable (one that uses a chip from a different

Yes, it was. It was the USB-serial cable. Replaced the cable, unplugged the JTAG for good measure and now works fine.

> It might also be Hyperterminal. Though it's a buggy piece of
> dreck, I don't think it's the cuplit in this case -- but you
> could try something like Teraterm.

> Or you could try using Linux...

Yep, done that. Have installed openSUSE and am now slowly migrating everything across... Haven't used Unix since 1993, so I am not rushing it :)

> -- 
> Grant

Thanks again

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