[ECOS] LPC2XXX watchdog feeds and interrupts

Laurie Gellatly laurie.gellatly@netic.com
Mon Oct 26 09:58:00 GMT 2009

Hi All,
I using an ARM 7 (LPC2212) based on an eCosCentric build. It appears that
watchdog feeds are done with interrupts enabled yet the NXP manual
warns against leaving interrupts enabled during a feed sequence (and I'm
pretty sure I've seen the consequences).
Firstly, have I missed something? Are interrupts disabled and I just don't
see where when I call watchdog_reset() 
should I be adding cyg_interrupt_disable() and cyg_interrupt_enable() calls
around the feed sequence in watchdog_lpc2xxx.cxx

Thanks			...Laurie:{)

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