[ECOS] eCos submodule support

Alex Schuilenburg alexs@ecoscentric.com
Wed Oct 21 01:43:00 GMT 2009

Jonathan Larmour wrote:
> Alex Schuilenburg wrote:
>> From what I have seen, most git users are
>> just so  arrogant that they think everyone should be using git,
>> regardless of  an individual's actual requirements,
> Please be civil on this list.
Sorry, I never meant to imply that anyone on this list was arrogant.

I had just come off a list where I simply seeked clarification what RCS
interoperability support was available in git and was "strongly
criticised" for not simply converting to git and then only using git. My
comment was directed at those on that list where I guess it is OK to
flame those who don't drink their flavour cool-aid.

-- Alex Schuilenburg

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