[ECOS] How to connect RedBoot via Telnet running application

m mariga ma_ariga@yahoo.co.jp
Fri Oct 16 15:50:00 GMT 2009

Hello,Gary,and everyone,

I am sorry I forgot ecos-discuss ,so I resend almost same mail.

Gary wrote
>> I'd like to connect to RedBoot via Telnet during target's running net
>> application.
>> I tried to run nc_test_slave program as application and connect to
>> RedBoot via Telnet from host's cygwin.
>> The result is below.
>> $ telnet 9000
>> Trying
>> telnet: Unable to connect to remote host: Connection refused
>   <...snip>
> Once your application is started, RedBoot is no longer available.
> Why are you trying to do this?

 I would like to load new application object to target using RedBoot via 
Telnet from host PC during target's application running.

I also like to use RedBoot' monitor functions like "dump".

Is it impossible ?
I got an impression from Anthony J. Massa's book that if setted two
 different IP addresses between RedBoot and application,I could connect to
 RedBoot via Telnet during application running. Am I mistaken ?

 m mariga

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