[ECOS] Re: Tracking eCos as a hg/git submodule

Alex Schuilenburg alexs@ecoscentric.com
Thu Oct 15 21:00:00 GMT 2009

Sergei Organov wrote:
> Alex Schuilenburg <alexs@ecoscentric.com> writes:
> [...]
>> I agree.  No sooner than I mention that you can refer locally to a
>> changesets by an alias (shorter id) instead of the SHA3 key, while git
>> AFAIK requires the full key, will somone in git-land go ahead and
>> implement it.  Or maybe they already have? ;-)
> No, they believe git doesn't need them and I tend to agree. Not only you
> can use just first few digits of SHA to reference a revision in git, but
> also git has nice syntax to refer to revisions back in history
> relatively, i.e., HEAD~3 means 3 revisions back from HEAD (for those who
> doesn't know git, HEAD is the symbolic name for the commit your current
> working tree is based on).
hg equivalent to HEAD is tip, and I just discovered that hg also accepts
the first few digits of SHA.  Go figure...  Learn something new everyday...
>> There is so much feeding off ideas between the two camps I don't think
>> so. Nothing stands out as a definitive deal-breaking feature-grabbing
>> feature. IMHO we are really just talking about two variants of the
>> same class of car.
> Hg insists on recording copies and renames at commit time, while git
> detects copies and renames at the time of execution of particular
> operation that needs this information. And yes, both have their pros and
> cons.
> From the user point of view it means that in hg you must remember to use
> "hg rename" and "hg copy" when appropriate (and blame yourself should
> you forget to do it), while in git you are free from this duty (now tell
> me which one is easier to use ;))
Depends whether you trust gits ability to detect renames and copies.  I
also prefer knowing what my DRCS is going to do by telling it, rather
than it guessing and doing it, so I am not a fan of the "hg
guessrenames" extension written to match git's behaviour you describe
above, so I choose not to install/enable it.  So I say hg is easier,
because I can choose whether I want this this behaviour ;-P  Oh, wait,

I am going to stop now with the feature bashing because I dont think we
are getting anywhere, other than proving exactly how similar git's and
hg's features are.  I have a bugzilla upgrade to get on with.

-- Alex Schuilenburg

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