[ECOS] redboot images in hg

Alex Schuilenburg alexs@ecoscentric.com
Thu Oct 15 12:31:00 GMT 2009


I put the RedBoot and gdbstubs images conversion to hg up on
http://hg-pub.ecoscentric.com/images last night, if anyone is
interested.  I did not bother with the branches as there were no local
changes in any of the branches.

However, I seriously doubt it is worthwhile keeping these.  In my
experience RedBoot and gdb_stubs do occasionally need to be updated to
match the version of eCos they wish to talk to.  Most of the boards in
there are probably discontinued anyway...

So either we need a serious effort to pull in redboot images for newer
hardware, and to update the images for boards that still exist, or this
repo should be retired to the great big bit-bucket in the sky...

Not my call though so I will leave it up on 
http://hg-pub.ecoscentric.com/ until a formal decision is made regarding
its future.

-- Alex Schuilenburg

Managing Director/CEO                                eCosCentric Limited

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