[ECOS] Ethernet on top of SPI

Ilija Stanislevik ilijas@siva.com.mk
Wed Oct 14 06:58:00 GMT 2009


We are developing hardware based on STM32. For Ethernet we use
Microchip's ENC424J600, connected on one of the STM32's SPI buses.

Our intention is to develop an Ethernet driver for ENC424J600 on top of
the SPI driver. We also intend to make this Ethernet-over-SPI general
regarding SPI hardware, but it seems that there are some obstacles there.

The polarity and phase of STM32's SPI should be adjusted to the
requirements of ENC424J600. In the SPI's API there is no get/set-config
support for this. The configtool has no provision to set this either.
The only way to adjust this is to poke the driver's private data
structure. This means that our Ethernet driver must be written
specifically for STM32's SPI.

Also, I have found no provision to refer SPI driver by device name,
another reason to stick the Ethernet driver to specific SPI hardware.

Am I right with above conclusions? Of course, if there is no other
solution, we will live with an Ethernet driver married to our SPI hardware.

Anyway, are there any rules/directions on SPI's API regarding hardware

Thank you,

Ilija Stanislevik

SIvA doo
ul. Zejnel Ajdini 5
MK-1060 Skopje

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