[ECOS] Attempt to load ELF data xxx which is not valid..

Jim Bradleigh jim.bradleigh1@btinternet.com
Tue Oct 13 16:33:00 GMT 2009


I`m trying to find out how I change the location at which my executable is loaded by redboot..

When I do a 'load -mode file /hdisk/main.elf' I get the following error..

"*** Abort! Attempt to load ELF data to address : 0x001080000 which is not valid"

I realise that this address is inside my redboot area, and thus it cannot be used.. I can`t just '-b 0x001090000' the code to some other address as eCos application's doesn`t support relocation

How do I change this address? I can`t find options in the config tool or any info on the mailing list..



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