[ECOS] how to set overtime to serial port block read/write?

Jonathan Larmour jifl@jifvik.org
Wed Oct 7 19:27:00 GMT 2009

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wb ning wrote:
> Thanks to Jonathan Larmour. I found the problem by debugging the ecos
> sourcecode. The reason is that i have set the  "Buffer size for At91
> serial" to 0. If i set the buffer size to a non-zero value, i will got
> the right result. In the ecos sourcecode serial_get_config() has
> following statements:
>         // Abort any outstanding I/O, including blocked reads
>         // Caution - assumed to be called from 'timeout' (i.e. DSR) code
>         if (in_cbuf->len != 0) {
>             in_cbuf->abort = true;
>             cyg_drv_cond_broadcast(&in_cbuf->wait);
>         }
>         if (out_cbuf->len != 0) {
>             out_cbuf->abort = true;
>             cyg_drv_cond_broadcast(&out_cbuf->wait);
>         }
>         break;
> So i will not pass the if statement, i don't know why shoud so this
> judge, if i set serial buffer to 0, i can't use the timeout function,
> and if i don't set serial buffer to 0,  my application may have some
> trouble. Are there have another timeout version for serial buffer 0
> size?

A serial buffer size of 0 means to poll. That's because there's no buffer 
space whatsoever to store data received by an interrupt. This is handled 
specially in the serial code, and doesn't check for aborts, which is 
probably a bug - please report this to bugzilla at 

Theoretically, all you need to do instead is set the buffer size to 1.

In practice, for the AT91, that may be quite unreliable as it needs more 
extensive use of buffering than normal UARTs due to the hardware 
properties - it uses DMA. You're likely to get dropped characters at 
anything other than very slow line speeds.

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