[ECOS] APB - Copyright assignment

Øyvind Harboe oyvind.harboe@zylin.com
Tue Oct 6 15:26:00 GMT 2009

> Actually, this case is a bit special. Graham Henderson modified files
> that are under eCos (FSF) copyright. I don't know what the legal
> status of the files is now, but they are covered by the GPL (with
> exceptions, as defined by eCos).

The legal status is that FSF *and* Graham has a copyright claim
to the files. The code was originally copyright to FSF and eCos
license. The fact that Graham has a copyright claim to it is unproblematic
for now.

If in the future FSF wants to tinker with the eCos license, then the TSE
becomes a problem, because without Graham's consent(or copyright
assignment), the licensing for his changes can't be changed.

> Of course, the best solution is for me to delete the files that were
> touched by Graham Henderson and rewrite them. This just got high on my
> priority list.

Since the current situation is unproblematic, we can just wait to
see if Graham comes out of the woodwork...

Eventually when nios2ecos is mature enough to be committed to
eCos CVS, then we either ditch the TSE or rewrite it.

(The biggest problem with nios2ecos, IMHO, is that quartus
must be installed to build. This makes it impossible e.g. to put
build tool binaries under version control... I'm not 100% convinced
that uClinux required quartus installed to build...)

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