[ECOS] NAND framework

Jonathan Larmour jifl@jifvik.org
Fri Oct 2 15:36:00 GMT 2009

Regarding the NAND flash driver framework announcement:


some issues need to be clarified.

After further in-depth consideration, we now realise that this decision 
was premature. There was inadequate discussion devoted to any technical 
basis for the decision and the rationale behind that, including the 
opportunity for corrections from the contributors, the full maintainer 
team, and the rest of the community.

Also we need to clarify that the full maintainer team should have been 
involved in the discussion. There was no intention by anyone to imply that 
any of the maintainers, whoever they are employed by, have not been acting 
in the best interests of eCos users. Any impression to the contrary given 
by the earlier mail was unintentional. It is a well-understood requirement 
of being an eCos maintainer that all must act independently from their 
employers. Maintainers do not act on their employer's behalf. Should there 
be a possibility of a conflict of interest, the maintainers will look at 
each case on its own merits.

All the maintainers would also like to apologise to Rutger for the 
premature announcement, and thank him for his patience, and in return we 
intend to finish a technical evaluation rapidly to end the uncertainty. 
This evaluation will be discussed on the public lists this time to allow 
everyone interested an opportunity to contribute.

Jifl, on behalf of the eCos maintainers

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