[ECOS] IDE failed to identify unit 0 - wrote: a0, read: 7f

Jim Bradleigh jim.bradleigh1@btinternet.com
Fri Oct 2 10:50:00 GMT 2009


I`ve trying to get Redboot to "see" my compact flash (16Mb) IDE drive.

I`m using GRUB to boot Redboot, which then reports the error in the subject (IDE failed to identify unit 0 - wrote: a0, read: 7f) before you see the "RedBoot (tm) bootstrap and debug.." message.

Any reason why redboot would be having problems with seeing the drive? 

For the record, GRUB can use it fine and I can mount and view a normal IDE hard disk from redboot without issues.

What debug should I enable? turning on "Enable debugging output" in "Disk Sevice Drivers" (CYGPKG_IO_DISK) package causes redboot to crash on start-up (I beleive its a GDB debug string printed to serial port)



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