[ECOS] FLASH API v.2 and interrupts

Iris Lindner ilindner@logopak.de
Fri Oct 2 10:35:00 GMT 2009

Hi everyone,

(Please excuse if I have overlooked a solution to our problem in mailing lists 
for example.)

we have the following problem with our system (using redboot romram mode):
We can't properly harmonize flash operations and interrupt handling. There are 
regularly frames coming in on CAN bus (lifesign signals of the nodes) which 
have to be treated. 

We use Version 1 eCos FLASH API (chip: Spansion S29GL256P) and get terrible 
crashes (including completely empty flash afterwards) when interrupts are NOT 
disabled and flash is programmed for example when meanwhile CAN bus traffic 
is increased.

If we disable interrupts on device driver level (HAL_[DISABLE|
RESTORE]_INTERRUPTS()) flash operations all work fine 
but CAN frames get lost and the task goes offline (-> whole machine no longer 
able to work).

Could Version 2 of eCos FLASH API solve the problem? (It is interrupt safe 
now, isn't it?)
Do you need more information about our system/configuration (I'm not sure 
about what details are useful to know)? 

Thank you very much in advance for your help, I'm looking forward to any 
Kind regards,
Iris Lindner

Iris Lindner
Software Development

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