[ECOS] AT91SAM9 Port(s) in CVS

Martin Laabs martin.laabs@mailbox.tu-dresden.de
Sun May 31 11:58:00 GMT 2009


there is a port from for the AT91SAM9620 ARM9 processor from Evgeniy 
Dushistov. However - it is not in the current CVS.
Unfortunately he have not answered to my mail. So does anybody know 
whether it is planned/he plannes to put his port into the CVS?
If not I'd like to start a new (free) port. However - there is a similar 
problem like with the lpc22xx and lpc24xx ports. The AT91SAM9 processors 
have an ARM9 core whether the (already supported) AT91SAM7 processors 
uses an ARM7 one. However they share some similar periphery devices.
To avoid copy and paste versions of the same code it would be great to 
have an AT91SAM package for the common parts and an AT91SAM7 and 
AT91SAM9 architectures to support the processors.
However - the current packages do not rely on an AT91SAM7 architecture 
but only on the core ARM one. I think it would be worth to change this 
but I don't know whether this is really a good idea. So I'd like to hear 
some comments on it.

Thank you,
  Martin Laabs

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