[ECOS] Re: Redboot board_misc.c for Freescale mx31

alfred steele alfred.jaquez@gmail.com
Sat May 9 18:12:00 GMT 2009

> Appreciate your help!
> Thanks,
> Alfred.

Apologize all. I meant the file board_misc.c in
packages/hal/arm/mx31/3stack/current/src/ . The lines pasted below are
an extarct from board_misc.c. Any help will be much appreciated. I had
posted on the freescale forums, but no response.

 // Enable the MMC
    writel(0x01220100, IOMUXC_BASE_ADDR + 0x148);
    reg = readl(GPIO3_BASE_ADDR + 0x4);
    reg |= 0x1;
    writel(reg, GPIO3_BASE_ADDR + 0x4);
    reg = readl(GPIO3_BASE_ADDR);
    reg |= 0x1;
    writel(reg, GPIO3_BASE_ADDR);


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