[ECOS] SNMP lockup

Grant Edwards grante@visi.com
Fri May 8 20:52:00 GMT 2009

I've run across a problem where certain "get" requests for
certain OIDs cause a lock-up.  I can still ping the box, but
everything else is dead (all my user tasks are dead and the box
won't respond to any further SNMP requests).

The OIDs that are causing the problem are


That's a query for an attribute of network interface #0.  Which
attribute depends on n: 6==physAddr, 2=name, etc.  That last
feild (.0) in the OID is the interface number.

Network interface 1 is the ethernet interface, and interface 2
is the loopback interface.  Requests for attributes of those
interfaces work fine.  [Asking for other unrecognized or
out-of-range OIDs seems to return the proper error codes.]

There isn't an interface 0, but some SNMP programs (e.g. the
really expensive ones from HP and Cisco) send requests for OID
. to my eCos-based widget and locking it
up.  It order to keep the eCos-based boxes running, my
customers have to disable SNMP suppert in the eCos-based
product or exclude the eCos-based products from the address
range to which said expensive SNMP apps are allowed to talk.

Has anybody seen this behavior before?  Any ideas on how to fix

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