[ECOS] implementation of my personal TCP/IP stack

Gary Thomas gary@mlbassoc.com
Wed May 6 15:19:00 GMT 2009

Jean François HARDY wrote:
> Hello, eCos people !
> I'm working on the implementation of the TCP/IP networking.
> Today, i use the eCos kernel for MPC5567 (packages : net) , and it's
> run correctly.
> But, in this project, i want implementing my personal TCP/IP stack.
> To resume, i have a FEC driver (fast Ethernet control) of my
> evaluation board, my TCP/IP stack and the eCos environment.
> I seek the entrance point in the environment eCos of the current eCos
> stack (Net package).
> I must keep the Ethernet driver, and implement my stack on the high
> level of the driver (eth_drv.h).
> How to connect my TCP/IP stack to the environment eCos?
> Which configuration (packages) advise me to tackle this problem?

Since this has already been done 3 times, it should be straight
forward for you.  Just look at the differences in choosing the
old (OpenBSD), new (FreeBSD) or LWIP stacks.  The low level
interface remains the same - the API comes from io/eth

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