[ECOS] Re: NAND support

John Dallaway john@dallaway.org.uk
Tue May 5 08:58:00 GMT 2009

Hi Simon

Simon Kallweit wrote:

> I was wondering what the current state of the NAND subsystem from Rutger
> Hofman is. I'm currently working on a port of the UFFS filesystem
> (http://gouffs.googlepages.com/) which is intended to work on NAND
> flash. Are there any major arguments against merging his code into the
> eCos trunk? Anything that needs to be addressed? I would be willing to
> contribute a synth NAND driver as well as support for the STM32 target.

UFFS looks like a good fit for eCos. However, it is licensed under the
LGPL. I wonder if the authors would be willing to license the filesystem
under the eCos public license (dual license) and make a copyright
assignment to the FSF. Is this something you have discussed with them?
Our current policies do not allow us to accept LPGL run-time code into
the eCos repository.

I assume that your port would sit under the standard eCos Flash I/O
layer (CYGPKG_IO_FLASH). As with all imported packages, it would also be
important to:

* Minimise changes to the imported source code so it is as easy as
possible to keep the eCos port up to date.

* Provide all the configurability offered within the imported code as
eCos CDL options.

John Dallaway

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