[ECOS] Re: Problem with Redboot on OlimexSAM7X256, Nth happens during start up.

John Dallaway john@dallaway.org.uk
Tue May 5 08:25:00 GMT 2009

JACEK wrote:

> I am new in ecos and redboot.
> I try to run only redboot (with CLI) on my board which is olimexSAM7X256
> evaluation board (based on AT91SAM7X256).

eCos support for this board does not (yet) include RedBoot. However,
since eCos is working, RedBoot should be easy enough to get working.
Bear in mind that you only have 64kB RAM on this platform.

> I have used a templates for this board with redboot selection in
> packages list.

You should always use the "redboot" template when building RedBoot.

> I don't change the defaults values.

The above values seem OK to start with, assuming serial channel 2 is
accessible on your target. Make sure that:


There are a number of other options which might require adjustment when
building RedBoot for a new target. Take a look at the
include/pkgconf/redboot_ROM.ecm file for a similar target.

> I only compile this configuration and write a .bin file to flash using
> H-JTAG on adress 0x100000.
> After rebooting board I do not receive any information on minicom (38400
> speed). From The LCD I also do not received any reaction.?
> My question is why?? What schould I do to run redboot on my board?

Have you verified that the .bin image has been written correctly to
Flash at the address you expect? I would try building some of the eCos
kernel tests for ROM startup (using the "kernel" template and
CYG_HAL_STARTUP == ROM) and verify that these tests run correctly when
written to the base of Flash. If you don't see any output from the
tests, then you will know that the problem is not limited to RedBoot.

> I supposed that I should write the .bin file in other address in my flash.
> Could You explain me what CYGNUM_HAL_ARM_AT91_IMAGE_ADDRESS and
> CYGNUM_REDBOOT_FLASH_BASE do? Maybe redboot should be configured with
> different values in those variables?

CYGNUM_HAL_ARM_AT91_IMAGE_ADDRESS allows you to modify the image start
address for self-contained ROM startup applications only. You should not
 modify this when building RedBoot.

CYGNUM_REDBOOT_FLASH_BASE allows you to specify the base address of the
Flash memory device(s) to be used by RedBoot. This is not relevant for
you at present because you have not (yet) enabled Flash support
(CYGPKG_IO_FLASH). Focus on getting some serial output from your target

I hope this helps.

John Dallaway

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