[ECOS] Synthetic target on linux x86_64 host

Tarmo Kuuse tarmo.kuuse@mail.ee
Sat May 2 15:16:00 GMT 2009


I've been trying get vanilla synthetic target up and running on 64-bit 
Debian testing. It's definitely a painful experience (well, more than 
usual). Is this host platform unsupported?

This is what I did:

1. Getting tools and code

I installed eCos with i386-elf tools as described in 

I also fetched fresh source from anonymous CVS and set $ECOS_REPOSITORY 
to point to it.

2. Prepations

Started configtool, verified repository (OK, set to anoncvs).

Picked default template "Linux synthetic target".

3. Building the library

Configtools shows that global command prefix is "i686-pc-linux-gnu". WTF 
is that?

I remove the command prefix entirely to build with my native gcc 
toolchain (Debian 4.3.3-3).

Generate tree, OK. Press F7 to build library, it fails.

Build is missing cc1plus:

Why does that happen? Some environment problem maybe?

I open a shell, navigate to build directory, delete it, build tree, type 
in commmand "make -j4". It fails.

Build now chokes on some pointer casts:

Can synthetic target even be built with native x86_64 tools?

Kind regards,
Tarmo Kuuse

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