[ECOS] Re: How to run ECO 3.0 on STM32

John Dallaway john@dallaway.org.uk
Wed Jul 29 19:42:00 GMT 2009

Hi Kishore

Kishore Srimat wrote:

> I am trying to port Ecos 3.0 onto STM32.

Which board are you porting to? Is this a public evaluation board or a
board of your own design?

> I have done the preliminary
> steps. Now, I tried use configtool and buid a Redboot.bin. But, I
> could not resolve the conflicts and even if i continue with proposed
> solutions and get a .bin from configtool, It is not working or I did
> not see any msg in the Hyperterminal when i run.

The basic procedure is to create a new eCos configuration for your
intended hardware based on the "redboot" packages template. Then import
the appropriate RedBoot .ecm file from the "misc" directory of the
relevant eCos platform HAL package. For example, the relevant .ecm file
for the STM3210E-EVAL board would be:


Use the Build->Templates dialog to select the hardware and packages
templates and then import the .ecm file using the File->Import menu item
before you attempt to resolve any conflicts.

I hope this helps...

John Dallaway

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