[ECOS] Re: How to run ECO 3.0 on STM32

kishore Srimat kishorestp@gmail.com
Wed Jul 29 17:38:00 GMT 2009

Hi All,

I am trying to port Ecos 3.0 onto STM32. I have done the preliminary
steps. Now, I tried use configtool and buid a Redboot.bin. But, I
could not resolve the conflicts and even if i continue with proposed
solutions and get a .bin from configtool, It is not working or I did
not see any msg in the Hyperterminal when i run.

Could anyone share  .bin or/and .ecc directory to me. And also can you
give me some idea how to build the redboot successfully. I tried to
read the docs but, they are all pretty generic could not find how to
resolve conflicts for STM32. If you know any website or docs for Ecos
for STM32 can you please point out as well.

I know i have asked lot of questions, But your knowledge would help me greatly.

Kishore Srimat

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