Simon Kallweit simon.kallweit@intefo.ch
Wed Jul 29 15:21:00 GMT 2009

Ross Younger wrote:
> Hi Simon,
> How have you been getting on with NAND support on the STM3210E?

Well, it's on and off. It's not high priority for me, so there has not 
been much work lately.

>> I did quickly implement YAFFS1 and made it configurable by CDL.
>> [...]
>> I'll provide patches as soon as anybody wants to try it out.
> I'm now in a position to look into this; if you're happy to share your code
> I'll gladly have a go with our internal test harnesses.

Ok, I send you the patch for YAFFS1 support, as well as the patch for 
STM32 NAND support.

Concerning UFFS. I've done some prototyping and brainstorming to improve 
UFFS and make it a better fit for eCos. Ricky, the original developer 
takes my advices and incorporates them into newer releases. So, he's 
actually the guy doing most of the hard work. I think we will soon have 
a newer version which can be integrated into eCos. I'll do a port once 
UFFS is ready for.

Best regards

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