[ECOS] Re: h8300 cannot find libgcc.a

m mariga ma_ariga@yahoo.co.jp
Thu Jul 23 21:32:00 GMT 2009

Hello,John,and everybody,

I studied GCC3.3.2 patch and really applied to GCC3.3.2 source.
When I compared differences and tried to convert GCC4.4.0 source,there 
appeared one difficult problem.
Would you please teach me ?
I append before-patch source after-patch source and gcc4.4.0 source in 
compressed form.

The patch changes next four files.

First two files(extfloatlib.c,float-h8300.h) are newly made,so I think I 
could use them per ce into GCC4.4.0 source.
h8300.h and t-h8300 are modified and I must apply differences to GCC4.4.0 

The patch adds next line into 143 line of GCC3.3.2's h8300.h.

#define TARGET_MODE (target_flags & 16384)

As I tried to insert above define sentence in GCC4.4.0's h8300.h I was 
shocked to have found that there is no TARGET_MODE or target_flags.
Please teach me whether it is alright that I omit to insert above define 
sentence at all.
Or if it is necessary to add it,could you teach me how to do it ?
I am very obliged.

And about another differences I intend to add the same sentences int 
GCC4.4.0's h8300.h and t-h8300.
If you notice carelessness could you enlighten me.

I am sorry to bother you but you are my only rescue.

m mariga
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