[ECOS] hello world app SEG faults with Linux synth target

Mandeep Sandhu mandeepsandhu.chd@gmail.com
Tue Jul 21 11:00:00 GMT 2009

> ./install/tests/language/c/libc/stdio/current/tests/stdiooutput
> and then invoke that test with `--io' arg.

If I run stdiooutput with the "-io" opt, I get a bunch of errors:

$ ./stdiooutput -io
can't read "synth::_ecos_repository": no such variable
    while executing
"set _repo $synth::_ecos_repository"

So I figure, that the ecos repo path is missing. After setting ECOS_REPOSITORY
env var, I get a window (what is this? ecos console?) BUT no output!

Am I missing something?


> Sergei

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