[ECOS] eCos heartbeat function handler

Nodir Qodirov nodir.qodirov@gmail.com
Sun Jul 19 08:08:00 GMT 2009

Hello everybody!

I want to know "heartbeat" function of the eCos.

As far as I know, all Embedded Systems have CPU provided or external
source of ticks, which is can be thought as "heartbeat" of system. And
it can have different rates depending on h/w.

I have read eCos reference and previous posts in ecos-discuss, but
couldn't find which function is run on each tick?

>From eCos book of Anthony J. Massa and eCos Ref I found that Clock,
Alarm and Timer are attached to the Counter, so I thought some
function of Counter  (as it is basement for others) should have
heartbeat handler function.

Then I had a look to the source code and found

void Cyg_Counter::tick( cyg_uint32 ticks )

function in


it seemed to be function which is called at each tick. Am I right?

Basically I have 2 questions:

1) Which function is called on each heartbeat (=hardware provided
source of ticks)?

2) Where should I specify (some assembler file...) which function to
call on each heartbeat?

Thanking in advence,

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