[ECOS] How to reattach gdb, how to start gdb later

Stanislav Meduna stano@meduna.org
Tue Jul 14 17:59:00 GMT 2009


1) I'd like to let the redboot load and run the application,
   but allow to attach debugger over the serial line later
   if necessary. However, if I tell the Redboot to "go",
   the application starts with no output mangling and the
   gdb does not connect.

   Is it possible to let the RedBoot switch to gdb stubs
   and emulate gdb target remote / load / cont, so that
   the gdb can connect anytime later?

2) Is it possible to detach the gdb, let the application
   continue and attach later? Right now if I break
   into the debugger with ctrl-c, the application
   stops and a "detach" lets it continue. Attaching
   with "target remote" kind of works .. it stops the
   application, but shows bogus addresses in the threads
   and corrupt stack for e.g. "thread 4; where".
   "cont" lets the application continue. However,
   the ctrl-c no more works.

   I am assuming the basic asynchronous break works -
   otherwise the "target remote" would not stop
   the application. Any ideas?


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