[ECOS] Installing Redboot on a pendrive

Daniel Saltmann daniel.saltmann@udo.edu
Mon Jul 13 14:48:00 GMT 2009

Alessio Bianchi schrieb:
> Hmm, that sounds strange... I noticed that there is an 'output to pc 
> screen' option but it is already true. Is that related? If not, how
> can redirect printf's to screen?

I had the same problem and just found out the reason for the blank
screen ;-) Read the description for "Number of communication channels on
the board" and "Output to PC Screen", written in configtool's yellow
window on the right side, when you select the particular options.

I think this will solve your problem:
1. Set "Diagnostic serial port" to
	"Number of communication channels on the board" - 1
2. Check "Output to PC Screen"


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