[ECOS] How to write a complicated bootloader?

Chris Holgate chris@zynaptic.com
Sat Jul 11 15:02:00 GMT 2009

Stanislav Meduna wrote:
> Andrew Lunn wrote:
>> If your flash is big enough, which it probably is if you
>> are using jffs2, it might make sense to have two eCos
>> applications, plus redboot.
> Okay, that's what I also thought of as one of the possibilities.

An alternative which I'm using for my current project is to make the
bootloader as dumb as possible - just capable of verifying a new
firmware image in a local SPI flash and then copying it over to the main
flash area when requested.  That way the new firmware can be transferred
to the device under control of the application (using the fully featured
driver).  My particular SPI bootloader is coded 'on the metal' for the
STM32, but I'm sure it wouldn't be too hard to get Redboot to provide
the same functionality.


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