[ECOS] How to write a complicated bootloader?

Stanislav Meduna stano@meduna.org
Sat Jul 11 12:11:00 GMT 2009

Gary Thomas wrote:

> Rather than reinvent the wheel (or maybe fire...), I think you'd
> be better off just getting your ethernet device driver running
> with RedBoot.

This is a realtime ethernet processor with integrated
switch, capable of doing things like isochronous transfers
on its own. The driver itself is 6 MB source (after me
throwing away things we won't need for sure, which itself
took nearly a week), there are some 64 interrupt
sources etc.

The vendor obviously thinks that a good documentation
is something that should not be available - same old game :(

So while I'd much prefer to get the driver working with
RedBoot (I've already looked into this), my gut feeling
is that in the end reinventing the wheel will be cheaper.
And I can estimate the work needed quite reliably, compared
to trying to estimate reverse-engineering some ugly poorly
documented 3rd-party code... this is a project with deadline
that has to be met.

Andrew Lunn wrote:

> If your flash is big enough, which it probably is if you
> are using jffs2, it might make sense to have two eCos
> applications, plus redboot.

Okay, that's what I also thought of as one of the possibilities.


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