[ECOS] Serial communications

Paul D. DeRocco pderocco@ix.netcom.com
Wed Jul 8 16:27:00 GMT 2009

> From: grahamlab
> The board does not reset and has an indepedant power supply

Do you have another identical board lying around? If so, try it. Hardware
occasionally does fail.

Beyond that, I think I would be looking for evidence that the system is
freezing momentarily. A scope can be helpful for this, especially if you
populate your code with things that pulse various unused port pins at
various points. That's generally better than diagnostic output, because it
takes nearly zero time.

Basically, though, this sounds like it needs hands-on debugging, not
speculation by other people. You may need to write your own tests. Heck, in
the end, you may need to write your own serial driver.


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