[ECOS] Re: Serial communications

John Dallaway john@dallaway.org.uk
Tue Jul 7 08:15:00 GMT 2009

Hi Graham

grahamlab wrote:

> I decided to try and get the serial tests working but have run into some
> problems - here is what I do
> In a cmd window I type the command 'ser_filter -t 9000 /dev/ttyS0 38400'
> this gives the following output - [b7cc18c0 Tu 07:33:38]
> ConnectSocketToSerial : socket 3 <--> /dev/ttyS0 [b7cc18c0 Tu 07:33:38]
> Applysettings baud=38400 bParity=0 stopbits=1 databits=8 [b7cc18c0 Tu
> 07:33:38] Changing configuration...
> [b7cc18c0 Tu 07:33:38] Done.
> [b7cc18c0 Tu 07:33:38] ConnectSocketToSerial: waiting for connection...
> In another cmd window I type the command arm-eabi-gdb  -x gdb.init
> ../../DevBoard_install/tests/io/serial/v3_0/tests/serial3
> At the gdb prompt I type the following commands set remotebaud 38400 set
> remote memory-write-packet-size 64 target remote localhost:9000
> The ser_filter program shows that a connection has been made - [b7cc18c0 Tu
> 07:43:12] Connection accepted from localhost - socket 5 [b7cc18c0 Tu
> 07:43:12] ConnectSocketToSerial: connected
> At the gdb prompt I type 'c' but nothing further happens.
> What am I doing wrong?

Assuming eCos is built for RAM startup, you will need to use the GDB
"load" command to download the test to your target:

  (gdb) target remote localhost:9000
  (gdb) load
  (gdb) continue

John Dallaway

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