[ECOS] Publishing a Platform HAL

Rene Nielsen rbn@vitesse.com
Wed Jan 28 15:32:00 GMT 2009

Hi folks,
I have a question on the process of publishing a Platform HAL.
Over the past years, we've developed a new Platform HAL, vcoreii, which is based on the ARM9 Variant HAL.

It has required new packages and a multitude of changes to existing packages, which we'd also like to post patches for.
How do we handle this?
Is this the correct flow:
1) Start discussing each unrelated change-request in separate threads on ecos-discuss, then
2) when everyone agrees, send patches to ecos-patches, then
3) when this change is committed, go to 1) with the next change that depends on this one.
4) When no more changes are required by the Platform HAL, post the Platform HAL itself.
I foresee this approach to take an eon and a lot of activity on the mailing lists, but is there any other way?
Thanks in advance.
René Schipp von Branitz Nielsen
Vitesse Semiconductor Corporation
P.S. I have a Copyright Assignment in place.

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