[ECOS] RE: Help on at91sam7se512

Davies, Greg Greg.Davies@Ultra-UEMS.com
Wed Jan 21 20:22:00 GMT 2009

Hi, I added the ecos list to the CC so that everyone can 
share. I actually used the at91sam7se256 target (or maybe it 
was sam7s) to get things up and running. I just wrote a flash 
driver to use the second flash bank. 

One thing you might want to try if you're using the graphical 
config tool is to clean things out between builds. It takes a 
long time at first, but it can prevent problems that can take 
up a lot more time. I found ecos builds differently depending 
on the order in which you select the options.

Depending on which email of mine you read, it could be an 
unrelated issue. I didn't have the right hardware on the 
board for the pll, so I was getting all kinds of awesome 
problems. (I'm strictly software, and this was my first 
embedded project so don't laugh that hard.) 

I can't be much more help than that with the info you gave, 
since I didn't use redboot at all. If you can reply-all with 
a little more detail on this problem, I'm sure someone can help.

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> From: natarajsn@gmail.com [mailto:natarajsn@gmail.com]
> Sent: Wednesday, January 21, 2009 7:03 AM
> To: Davies, Greg
> Subject: Help on at91sam7se512
> Hi Davies
> I am having same kind of troubles while trying to get Ecos 
working on 
> at91sam7se512.
> Except for Redboot.bin, I am unable to execute any of the examples, 
> even a Hello World.
>  There seems to be no specific Target for at91sam7se512 in 
> Have you been able to fix the issues? Can you help me with this ?
> regards
> Nataraj S Narayan
> India

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