[ECOS] Re: Problem with precompiled Cygwin arm-eabi toolchain

cetoni GmbH - Uwe Kindler uwe.kindler@cetoni.de
Tue Jan 20 07:16:00 GMT 2009

Hi John,

John Dallaway schrieb:
> Hi Uwe
> Good to hear that you are making progress. To narrow the search, you
> could try comparing the output of:
>   strace arm-eabi-gcc -c test.c -o test.o

I did this an checked the output of strace. In the output I could see 
that arm-eabi-gcc calls cc1.exe in arm-eabi\libexec\gcc\arm-eabi\4.3.2 
folder and this call failed. Then I tried to invoke cc1.exe from command 
line and finally a message box told me that the files cyggmp-3.dll and 
cygmpfr-1.dll are missing. I installed the packages libgmp3 and libmpfr1 
and now I can build the ea2468 target without any problems.

Thank you for your help :O)

Regards, Uwe

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