[ECOS] at91sam9263ek support ver. beta 1

Evgeniy Dushistov dushistov@mail.ru
Thu Jan 15 15:17:00 GMT 2009


here is the fresh series of patches to support at91sam9263 ek board.

Now it passes near 100 tests from ecos's test suite, uses MMU, support my nor flash
(there is empty place to install nor flash, at least on at91sam9263ek rev. B).

It still requires at91bootstrap or jtag to run.

Here is links to patches, I suppose size too big to attach:

Support of 115200 baudrate (common baudrate to work with serial line for u-boot and linux):


Move pio definitions to differents files to reduce size of common for at91 boards file,
and make it easy for editing:


I need this changes, because of at91sam9 use the same code as arm9 to work with caches:

Common part for working with arm9 mmu, move it to common files, because of I see a lot of duplication in

at91sam9263 hal package:

My nor flash support:

Work with pio interrupts like they are real one:

the last two patches not require to make full working at91sam9263's hal.

Any comments?


Some time ago(several weeks or  whole month), I sent request to fsf, about assigning copyrights,
but have no reply, may be they just drop my email.

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